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This August MikroTik Net Camp will take place in the beautiful Rozhen Meadows. There will be interesting presentations and games, outdoor recreation and positive emotions. Come alone or with your family. Request a theme/configuration that is interesting for you - the best proposals will be included in the program. Those who wish to renew certificate will be able to do it.


When: 27 - 29 August 2020
Where: COOP Rozhen hotelRozhen Meadows Area, Borsteto Area, Smolyan District (GPS: N41.669097, E24.738633)
Price: 350 BGN + VAT (The price includes participation in all Net Camp activities and does NOT include hotel accommodation. There are preferential rates in COOP Rozhen hotel for participants in the event.)
Language:  Bulgarian

Net Camp agenda:

Thursday, 27.08.2020
09:00 Opening and introduction (Petar Dimitrov)
09:30 IPsec in tunnel mode - failover with 2 peers (Petar Dimitrov)
10:30 Powershell script for creating VPN connections (Aleksandar Tashkov)
11:30 Monitoring of CAPsMAN clients (Petar Tsonev)
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 TBA
15:00 Contest

Friday, 28.08.2020
09:00 New features and hardware by MikroTik (Petar Dimitrov)
10:30 MikroTik Hotspot - "ААА" without Radius and User Manager (Ivo Kirilov)
11:30 Devices management with The Dude (Petar Dimitrov)
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Certificate renewal

Saturday, 29.08.2020
09:00 MikroTik acess control with dot1x (Petar Dimitrov)
10:30 IP Sec with certificates. Problems and recommendations. (Georgi Anastasov)
11:30 PRTG sensor for MikroTik devices (Aleksandar Tashkov)
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Certificate renewal


You can get additional information or sign-up for the event by e-mail


About the venue:
COOP Rozhen is located in the Middle Rhodopes, in one of the most beautiful areas - Rozhen meadows, at an altitude of 1 350 m above sea level, at the very foot of Rozhen peak. The area is surrounded by mountainous terrain and coniferous forests. Being in close proximity to the Pamporovo mountain resort, it is easily accessible from all over the country and is only 90 km away from Plovdiv and 220 km away from Sofia. Thanks to its bioclimatic conditions the area is suitable for healthy habitation and recreation throughout the year.

Near the hotel is located the National Astronomical Observatory - Rozhen, which is the largest in Southeastern Europe.

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) course is in-class, Instructor-led UniFi training course designed to teach all aspects of Enterprise Wireless - focusing principally on the UniFi Controller, learn how to deploy and configure the UniFi Access Points in the enterprise networks. Other UniFi network devices (Gateway, Switches, etc.) will be discussed.
UEWA prerequisites: Although not a pre-requisite to this course, it is highly recommended that you participate in the Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist (UBRSS) course, which teaches the foundations for networking in any network, including subnetting.


When: 15 - 17 July 2020
Where: Office PG NET PRO, GPS: 42.709903, 23.262608, office 53, 2nd floor, 42 D-r Petar Dertliev blvd., Lulin 7, Sofia 
Price: 699 BGN + VAT
Language: Bulgarian
Available seats: 1/3


UEWA course outline:

WLAN Fundamentals:
- Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
- Channel Operation
- Regulatory Domains
- WLAN Standards
- Wireless Access Methods
- Network Equipment

WLAN Planning:
- Wireless Technology
- Coverage & Channels
- TX Power
- Antenna Gain
- Channel Availability
- Signals vs. Noise
- Airtime, Capacity & Density
- Mixed Networks

- Site Surveys
- Overlap
- Wiring & PoE
- Benchmarking

Basic Adoption & Configuration:
- Multi-Site
- Layer-2 Adoption
- WLAN Groups
- SSID, Security & VLANs
- Analytics

Advanced Adoption & Guests:
- Cloud Hosting
- Layer-3 Adoption
- Discovery, SSH, DNS & DHCP
- Minimum RSSI
- Zero-Handoff Roaming
- Guest Portal
- Access Controls
- Customization


Equipment: Bring your laptop with Ethernet port. All other equipment will be provided for the training.

If you want to join, sign up using the registration form on our website-

Past events

This year we were pleased to invite you to the MikroTik Net Camp 2019 in a slightly different format - we got together and spent some nice days in a relaxing place! For those who wanted to renew certificates, we provided this opportunity, and in the update course we included a review of the latest changes in RouterOS for the past 3 years. 

 28 - 31 August 2019
Where: Starosel Complex – village of Starosel (GPS: 42.497385, 24.558620)


Starosel Wine and Spa Complex is located near the village of Starosel, Plovdiv region. Nestled beneath the southern slopes of Sredna Gora, the complex offers amazing views, award-winning cuisine, first-class wines and a unique sense of coziness and tranquility. The healing mineral water at the spa centers will make the break even better.


About Starosel:

In the area there is a Thracian cult complex, consisting of six temples, four of which unique, as well as several royal funerals. Accessible for tourists is the large temple of Chetinyova mound and Horizon temple.

The Starosel tomb is the most famous part of the complex. This is the largest open Thracian royal complex with a mausoleum. It dates from the end of the V and the beginning of the 4th century BC.

Тhe second Bulgarian MikroTik User Meeting took place on 4th of June 2019.

Traditionally, the first presentation was by MikroTik who introduced their latest products. Then we were pleased to share with all participants an idea for advanced monitoring with The Dude using the ros_command function - you can download the presentation by Petar Dimitrov from here.

Following were presentations by Dobri Boyadzhiev, Dritan Vreshta, Viesturs Rīdiņš (MikroTik), Georgi Anastasov and Sasa Blagojevic.

Many thanks to MikroTik, the colleagues from MikroTikBG.SHOP and everyone else who made this event possible! See you soon!

This summer MikroTik Net Camp took place in the beautiful mountain town of Troyan. There were interesting presentations and games, outdoor recreation and positive emotions.

When: 30 August - 01 September 2018
Where: Troyan Plaza Hotel – Troyan, Bulgaria (GPS: E 42.886432, N 24.713894)
Price: Registration is closed
Language: Bulgarian


Net Camp presentations:

New features and hardware by MikroTik
Creating scripts in RouterOS
VLAN-s in RouterOS
Wireless network planning basics

About Troyan:
Troyan is situated in the valley of Osam River, at the foot of the Troyan - Kalofer part of Stara Planina. In the area are the natural reserves Kozya stena, Steneto, North Djendem. They are part of the Central Balkan National Park, famous for its unique flora and fauna. At 10 km from the town is the biggest monastery in Stara Planina and the third largest in Bulgaria - the Troyan Monastery.

For the first time, we combined beer tasting with an interesting presentation.

Where:  ITCE Training Center, GPS: E 23.380225; N 42.661097, 115G Tsarigradsko shosse blvd., Business Center Megapark

When: 10.02.2018; 16:00-19:00h

The event was free of charge and the topic of the presentation was New Implementation of Bridge from RouterOS 6.41


The second MikroTik Net Camp took place in the town of Tryavna in August 2017. Like last year, vacation in the mountains was combined with interesting and useful activities with MikroTik - demonstrations, presentations, competitions and games. 

When: 24 - 26 August 2017
Where: Hotel Kalina Palace – Tryavna, Bulgaria (GPS: E 25.487290, N 42.870053)
Price: Registration is closed
Language: Bulgarian


Net Camp presentations:

MikroTik multicast package
Best practices for network security
MikroTik supported VPNs - comparison
Corporate networks design basics
MikroTik RouterOS based High Availability network solutions

About Tryavna:

Tryavna is one of the Hundred tourist sites. It is known for its houses with Renaissance architecture and Tryavna Icon Painting School. 
Hometown of Pencho Slaveykov and Angel Kanchev.
Natural resources, combined with magnificent architecture, arched bridges, houses built in perfect harmony of stone and wood, carved ceilings and church altars, unique frescoes and icons are the priceless wealth stored in the city. But words can not describe either fresh air or the charm of Renaissance Tryavna - this can only be felt ...

In the summer of 2016 MikroTik Net Camp took place in the Tsigov Chark resort for the first time in Bulgaria. We have combined vacation in the mountains with pleasant and useful MikroTik activities! The participants were be able to renew their certificate, participate in different labs, competitions and games.

When: 24-28 August 2016
Where: SPA hotel Paradise; GPS: E 24.1473388, N 41.9460482; Tsigov Chark
Price: Registration closed
Language: Bulgarian

Net Camp presentations:
The Dude is back - introduction to the possibilities for network monitoring and management with The Dude.
Traffic Flow - Get complete picture of your network traffic.
MikroTik CRS - configuring CRS for standard purposes and some advanced options.
/tool sms - yet another possibility to communicate with your router
OpenVPN - Today's secure solution for remote access. MikroTik OpenVPN server and other OS OpenVPN client configuration.
New features with the new wireless package

About Tsigov Chark:
Tsigov Chark is a mountain resort located on the southwest shore of the "Batak" lake. The resort is located near Batak, Velingrad and Pazardzhik.
Summer holiday in Tsigov Chark is suitable for fishing, water sports and entertainment.
Nearby are Dzhenevra, Beglika, Peter's hill, Snow White cave, Yagodina cave, Devil's Throat cave, Trigrad Gorge, the Tsepina fortress, Assen's Fortress, Bachkovo Monastery, numerous natural and artificial lakes.